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Quality & Integrity

Water Works Yacht Services has over forty (40) years experience providing a customized, Quality Hull Cleaning program for all types of boats. We offer regular Scheduled Hull Cleaning and Custom Dive Service with dependability and attention to detail with quality and integrity as our core values.

With each and every service we carefully monitor all components of each boat’s operating system including Paint Deterioration and Zinc Management. We use the least abrasive cleaning methods and are members of California Professional Divers Association (CPDA) using the highest industry standards and Best Management Practices (BMP).

Our Services include Scheduled & Unscheduled Hull Cleanings, Race Cleanings, Inspections, Zinc Installations, Underwater Video & Photography, Object Retrieval & Recovery, Prop Changes, Trim Tab Repair, Thru-Hull Removal & Installation, Boat Lift Cleaning and Dock Maintenance.

We take pride in utilizing Best Management Practices and encourage everyone to use Environmentally Sound Boating Practices.

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